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The children in this classroom range from 4 - 5 years old and are eligible for entry into Kindergarten in the Fall.

Our days are very busy. We spend our time doing pre-literacy activities like journaling, picture/story dictation, word recognition, reading and language exposure. We play word games and participate in large group discussion, including reporting on the weather, weekend news and show & tell. We work on matching and memory skills. There is also the opportunity for small group and one on one letter/number practice, plus fine motor skill practice and development important for writing skills.

We begin to participate in science activities including observation, experiments and documentation; math-based work such as number recognition, matching, estimating, counting, graphing, separating and simple addition and subtraction introduction.

We practice social and self-help skills including using our manners, making appropriate choices, establishing and following classroom rules and using communication to resolve conflicts and discuss feelings.

Our children are exposed to social studies using the globe, maps and other resources and stories about different geographical locations and cultures.

At this point we offer children the opportunity to do project based work based on individual interests and experiences.

And of course, there is no shortage of physical activity, with focus on large muscle development activities such as dancing, parachute play, exercising, bike riding, running and climbing.

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