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The children in our classroom are from 2.9 to 3.5 years old. The ratio is 10:1, but we maintain a total class size of 16.

We are hard at work (and play), working on language development, early literacy, dramatic play, pre-math and pre-science activities. We also work on social skills, outdoor and indoor gross motor skills.

Cooking is a favorite activity and will appear most often in our lesson plans. We encourage home/school connection in this area by posting our recipe needs on the classroom door so children can bring in ingredients for our cooking activity.

We promote letter and number recognition, together with personal data knowledge (name/address/family member names). Children have opportunities for writing and dictation daily.

Children take responsibility for our classroom by participating in classroom jobs and clean-up. They learn important self-help skills each day like hand-washing, putting shoes and jackets on, and helping with snack/lunch time set up. Meal times are family style, which gives the opportunity for discussion and promotes both expressive and receptive language and vocabulary.

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